Conservative Media Exposes “Operation Mockingbird” & The Biden | Kerry Connections

by JJ Flash | Trump News | Trump Train News Media | March 1, 2020


JJ Flash reports Operation Mockingbird was a program launched by the CIA in the 1950s to manipulate media to spread propaganda.

Operation Mockingbird recruited prominent news corporations like CBS, NBC, ABC and many American journalists and oversaw front groups to plant stories. 

JJ Flash's father was the Assistant Attorney General of New York for over 30 years and he has known President Trump for 38 years. 

In 1975, Senator Frank Church held hearings to expose how and why the CIA paid US & Foreign News agencies to plant stories. This was a well know program among journalists and even CBS News President Sig Mickelson admitted it on camera.

Evidence suggest Operation Mockingbird is alive and well today. Shockingly, we have learned that the FBI and CIA played major roles in spreading the lie that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Investigative reporter JJ Flash has been researching Operation Mockingbird for over a decade and has uncovered some very dangerous Anti-American actions by the US Intelligence Agencies and the FAKE NEWS media.

In 2018, President Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan (who voted for Communist Gus Hall for President of the USA in 1976), was stripped of his National Security clearance by President Trump in 2018.

From Newsweek 8/15/2018  “Former CIA Director John Brennan was declared "too dangerous" and a member of the "deep state" who backed a "communist" for President. According to Fox News, President Donald Trump revoked John Brennan's security clearance because he didn't trust him." 

It appears in 2016, Barack Obama & Joe Biden’s CIA Director John Brennan, revived “Operation Mockingbird” with CIA/MI6 operatives - Christopher Steele, Stefan Halper, Maltese professor and US-Russian spy Joseph Misfed, former National Director of Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Agent Peter Strzok, former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page and others conspired to create a fake narrative used to defraud the FISA Court to illegally obtain four warrants to spy on at least four Americans working on the Trump Campaign.

Former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko also worked closely with Hillary Clinton, the Podesta brothers and the Democratic National Committee to conspire a theory and create the Russian Hoax. The Ukrainian’s were so involved with the Clinton 2016 campaign that Vice President Joe Biden’s State Department previously cleared his son, Hunter Biden for a multi-million-dollar board position on the corrupt oil Conglomerate Burisma Holdings to buy influence.

Hunter Biden is former Vice-President Joe Biden’s son. He is 45 years old with a long history of drug abuse. Hunter Biden was kicked out of the Military in 2014 for testing positive for cocaine. Shortly after that Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of directors of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest private producer of gas.

Two weeks before he was appointed, his father - Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, encouraged Ukrainian leaders to place him on their board. Hunter Biden has ZERO experience or knowledge in the gas industry or in the Ukraine. He was paid $83,000 a month for his position on the board and a money transfer of $3 MILLION was made from the Ukraine through Latvia, Cyprus and finally to the US into accounts owned by Hunter Biden.

The top prosecutor in the Ukraine was investigating corruption and was getting ready to interview Hunter Biden regarding his dealings with Burisma and the apparent money laundering of the $3 million. Before Hunter Biden could be interviewed, Vice President Joe Biden leaned on the Ukrainian government and threatened to withhold over $1 BILLION in US foreign aid unless the prosecutor was fired within six hours. That's exactly what happened - the prosecutor was fired within six hours. The bribery and corruption investigation into Hunter Biden and Burisma ended and Ukraine got the financial aid.

Hunter Biden was also involved in a deal with China when his father, Vice President Joe Biden, was working on US business. This deal netted Hunter Biden over $1.5 BILLION. Why would China hand over $1.5 BILLION to a known drug addict? Could the answer be that Hunter Biden just happens to be the son of Vice-President Joe Biden?

Vice-President Joe Biden took his son Hunter on Air Force Two with him to China in 2013. Ten DAYS after that trip, the Bank of China signed a deal with Hunter Biden’s company for over a $1.5 BILLION. Coincidence?  Some of the money went to a company called Henniges who makes very sensitive military equipment for the US military.

Who else was involved in the China deal as one of Hunter Biden’s partners? That would be Secretary of State John Kerry's stepson Chris Heinz - along with mob boss Whitey Bulger’s nephew Billy Bulger, who were both partners in the company along with Hunter Biden. Wow, you can’t make this stuff up! The sons of the two most prominent decision makers in America! How did that escape scrutiny from the Mainstream Media? Is the answer Operation Mockingbird?

It's amazing how the media isn’t even a tiny bit interested in the SHADY private equity firm run by Joe Biden and John Kerry's kids and how as soon as it starts getting reported, they start impeachment proceedings against President Trump. The FAKE NEWS media is hoping no one is paying attention, that the American people are too stupid, lazy, indifferent, and apathetic to pay attention. Don’t be one of those Americans. 

Thank God for Rush Limbaugh, JJ Flash, John Di Lemme, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Melanie Tipon, Fox News, conservative talk radio, The True Channel, The Good News Networks, One America News, Newsmax, Turning Point USA, Campus Reform and the Tea Party - they ALL are fighting the good fight.

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